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Kyriakos L Konstantinou & Co LLC is an innovative boutique law firm in Cyprus. It is a one-stop professional law firm combining the legal, financial, tax, and technological aspect of the areas of law related to business and corporate activities and legislations.

Our Law Firm is motivated by and focuses on deep knowledge, in-depth research, experience and professionalism of a modern legal services company taking into consideration the current challenges incurring especially in the advancement of the technological era, and we are dedicated to provide our clients with outstanding, highly personalized, legal advice and legal representation.

We bring with us many years of experience in the industry, thorough knowledge of the local and international market, and a big network of partners and associates to ensure best possible legal support and results for our clients. Special care is given on advising clients in a commercially sound and pragmatic manner after a thorough analysis and understanding of their needs. We know the details of our clients’ business, we understand them, we analyse their serious and complex legal issues and we deliver high standard legal services geared to their specific needs.

Our client base consists, among others, from companies operating in the sectors of information technology, web advertising, web traffic, web-hosting, software development, financial institutions, banks, investments, international corporate groups and individuals. Irrespectively of the long agenda we value each entity and we strive to provide to all of them the best possible legal support and keep them all legally covered.

Our Law Firm comprises of an excellent team of lawyers, legal advisors, paralegal and support staff. All of them passionate, very enthusiastic, talented with very good skills and capabilities for the job. What really distinguishes the members of our team is their readiness to respond immediately to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Our Team focuses in providing straight to the point, innovative, cost-effective solutions which help our clients achieve their legal and business objectives in the best possible way. We work hard to provide our clients with top quality legal representation with the personal touch characteristic of a boutique law firm.

Our Strong Belief is, that professional services in our area develop best in small groups, with flat structures, tight timelines, high quality and expertise. We offer our services in the busy and highly competitive market of today, knowing for a fact, that, it is not the dimensions of the wheel that count, but the strength of its radials.

Practice Areas

Corporate Law
The Republic of Cyprus provides a favorable business environment, taxation system and strategic location within the Eurosystem and attracts companies from all around the world. Cyprus, European and International laws come into force such as double Tax Treaties that may be applicable for your business.
We offer to our Clients, comprehensive legal advice and services, in general
commercial and corporate matters, including:
  • Drafting and/or reviewing of Commercial contracts;
  • Merger and acquisitions;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Strategic legal advice;
  • Registration and administration of Cyprus Companies;
  • Establishment and administration of International Trusts;
  • Incorporation of Funds – (Open and Closed) – and Collective Investment Schemes;
  • Legal Audits and Legal Due Diligence;

Our Law Firm provides reliable, sufficient, professional and cost effective services, to a wide range of Clients ranging from individuals to small enterprises, international and multi-national corporations.

Our Team is fully aware of the need for legal advice, and legal structures to be
compatible with the needs of modern commerce, industry and finance.

Civil Law
Civil Law is all about the protection of civilians. It covers all legal issues that
concern families, buying and selling goods, conflicts between neighbors,
defamation, libel, negligence etc.
An important part of civil law is the area that covers the personal injury and negligence.
Our team can represent clients in all kinds of personal injury and negligence
cases including road traffic accident, medical and professional negligence,
industrial accidents, occupier's liability and product liability cases. We will work with our clients to obtain the best possible outcome for their cases.
Criminal Law

Criminal Law concerns society crimes. Stealing, theft, attacks, murder, money laundering, kidnapping are some of the most common examples of criminal crimes. In today’s technologically advanced world cyber-crime, cyber-attacks, hacking, on line child pornography have also been included to criminal law.

Admiralty & Maritime Law
The Team of our Law Firm, has a long experience and in-depth knowledge on both Shipping and Maritime Law, advising banks, owners, managers, charterers, cargo- owners and their respective insurers domestically and internationally. Our team is able to offer our clients any kind of services related to the legal aspects of maritime affairs such as:
  •  Registration of Vessels under Cyprus flag
  • Yacht and Boat Registration under Cyprus flag
  • Registration of Vessels and Yachts in Foreign Jurisdictions
  • Deletion of Vessels and Yachts from Foreign Jurisdictions
  • Cyprus Yacht Leasing Scheme
  • Services of Authorised Representative
  • Ship Security Company Licensing
  • Financing, Security and the Enforcement of Mortgages
  • Drafting and Registration of Mortgages and Deeds of Release
  • Charter party and Seafarer Contracts
  • Agreements on Sale and Purchase of ships
  • Shipping Company Law and Tax issues
  • Legal advice concerning any Maritime or Shipping matter
  • Services related to the registration and issuance of an IMO number for Fishing Vessels, Sea-going merchant ships and for Shipping Companies & Registered Owners
  • Admiralty Court Representation, including:
  1. Arrest and Sale of Ships
  2. Cargo claims
  3. Carriage of Goods by Sea
  4. Salvage claims
  5. Collisions damages
  6. Charter Party disputes
  7. Ownership disputes
  8. Personal injury claims
  9. Pollution casualties
  10. Disputes relating to the employment of officers and crew
  11. Claims for damages done or received by a ship
  • Services and procedures related to the Cyprus Customs and Excise Department such as:                
  1. Application for Customs Registration and Provision for an EORI Number for the companies
  2. Assistance for the issuance of T2L and Customs Clearance Certificates.
  3. Assistance for the issuance of Form C. 104O regarding the Temporary Importation of a Pleasure Craft
International Tax Planing & Wealth Management
The Team of our Law Firm has considerable experience in international tax planning, strategic consulting and wealth management. Furthermore part of our team consists of experienced qualified accountants who can assist in International Tax Planning through a different perspective and to complement the legal advice in this field.
Our Lawyers provide tailor-made tax planning and management all over the world. All cross border transactions have a tax implication.
Any presence in a foreign jurisdiction becomes more complex, often resulting in
unforeseen tax liabilities or missed opportunities of mitigation.
The application of double tax treaties is important for international companies because it assists them to minimize their tax burden and maximize the value to the
Our tax specialists can meet the Cyprus and foreign tax sides of a Company’s business and convert them into a coherent tax and business strategy.
Banking & Finance
With relation to the Banking, Investment and Financial Management sectors, we
provide the following services, amongst others:
  • Formation and incorporation of Investment Funds;
  • Assisting on the licensing of Investment Firms in Cyprus;
  • Negotiating the restructuring of Loans;
  • Representing clients to the Court on banking or financial issues;
  • Advising clients on banking law framework applying in Cyprus;
  • Establishing and managing banking relations in Cyprus and abroad;
  • Evaluating and negotiating loan or other financial agreements with the client’s bank, including charges;
  • Acting as signatory on client’s bank accounts;
  • Monitoring the proper execution of transactions by the banks;
  • Advising clients and assist in analyzing the various investment products offered by private banks;
  • Advising clients on potential investments in Money Markets and Capital Markets;
  • Advising on funding strategies, on cash and liquidity management;
  • Designing and assisting clients to implement investment plans and strategies;
  • Company valuation and pricing of investment products.

With relation to the Intellectual Property sector, we provide the following services,
amongst others:

  • Registration of patents, trade-marks and trade names in Cyprus, the EU or
  • Advising on the acquisition and protection of intellectual property;
  • Drafting of relevant contracts;
  • Handling passing-off Court cases and the issuance of Court injunctions
    preventing the unlawful use of intellectual property rights;
  • Advising on the tax framework relating to intellectual properties (IP Box).
Mergers & Acquisitions
In Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are transactions in which the ownership of companies, other business organisations, or their operating units are transferred or consolidated with other entities. As an aspect of strategic management, M&A can allow enterprises to grow or downsize, and change the nature of their business or competitive position.
From a legal point of view, a merger is a legal consolidation of two entities into one, whereas an acquisition occurs when one entity takes ownership of another’s entity stock, equity interests or assets.
Our Team has considerable experience in such transactions and particularly combining the corporate finance element with the legal aspect, to ensure successful outcome for the benefit of our clients and the development of their business, subsequently enhancing the value of their business. 
International Business Transactions

Our Team has advised multinational corporations and international investors, on the most complex cross-border business transactions.

We regularly structure, negotiate and implement complex cross-border acquisitions, tender offers, joint ventures, private equity investments, workouts and restructuring, and commercial contracting relationships for Clients, around the world. We also handled equity and debt financing, and complex project and structured transactions.

We provide Clients, with services tailored to meet their foreign transactional and
operational needs.

We have assisted, established and emerging companies, from a broad spectrum of
industries, including IT, Web Hosting, online applications and games, health, banking, brewing, construction, engineering, high technology, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, real estate, resort development, telecommunications and transportation.

Contract Law

Drafting of various types of contracts or other legal instruments, such as, Shareholders Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreemnts (NDAs), Confidentiality Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, Joint Venture agreements, other agreements relating to corporate governance, partnership agreements, franchise agreements, intellectual property acquisitions, property sale agreements, agreements relating to sale of goods or services, tenancy agreements, employment agreements, loan agreements, assignments, pledges, mortgages or other charges and generally any agreements which are necessary for the establishment or the operations of a Company.

Relocation of Companies in Cyprus (Delixon Consulting Ltd)
Our Affiliated Company is probably the market leader in assisting with the
establishment of a Company in Cyprus or the creation of Substance in Cyprus,
including, offering or finding office space, arranging the equipment and furnishing of the office, recruitment of staff, telephone and internet connections etc. Moreover, it takes care of all the operational needs of such entities in Cyprus.

For more information please press here to visit the web site of Delixon Consulting

Property Law

With relation to the Property – Real Estate sectors, our Law Firm provides the
following services, amongst others:

  • Drafting of sale and purchase agreements of any kind of properties in Cyprus;
  •  Drafting of tenancy, lease, license or any other type of agreements relating to the right of possession and/or use of properties in Cyprus;
  •  Registration of the sale and purchase agreement to the Land Registry Office for specific performance purposes;
  •  Negotiating with developers or other sellers the terms of the property sale and purchase agreement on behalf of the client;
  • Arranging calculation and payment of stamp duty;
  • Advising on tax issues with relation to properties located in Cyprus;
  •  Arranging the issuance of the necessary permission that a foreigner may have to obtain from the Council of Ministers pursuant to the relevant Law, before the transfer of the property is processed;
  • Representing the clients to any District Land Office for securing the transfer of the property under their name and we undertake all the necessary procedures;
  • Arranging and undertaking the delivery of properties on behalf of the client(s);
  • Assisting, either directly or through associates, the viewing, examination and finding of properties on behalf of our clients;
  • Providing due diligence on properties, including to check if any mortgages, rights, charges, covenants or other encumbrances are registered against the property;
  •  Arranging the appointment of real estate agents, valuers, engineers or architects on behalf of the clients;
  • Undertaking the administration of Properties on behalf of clients.
Inheritance Law

With relation to the Inheritance and Succession sectors, we provide the following
services, amongst others:

  • Drafting and registering of Wills;
  • Handling Court procedures in relation to the issuance of an Order appointing an Administration for the Estate of the deceased as well as handling the whole procedure of administering the estate until the final stage of filing Accounts before the Registrar;
  • Handling Probate Actions and Court procedures that relate to Wills;
  • Acting as Executors (Wills) and Administrators (Estate);
  • Applying to the appropriate Court for the re-sealing of a Grant of Probate issued in another jurisdiction;
  • Advising on inheritance issues.
Family Law

Our Team holds extensive experience in dealing with complex family law cases including cases with a complex cross-border element.

Our experience covers all areas of Family Law including Divorce, Matrimonial Property, Child, International Child Abduction and Hague Convention, Paternity, Adoption and Child & Spousal Maintenance.

Our Team has dealt with many cases involving couples from the same or different nationalities having built significant experience on people coming from different cultures, with different backgrounds and different beliefs.

We are dealing with these cases in a very sensitive and humanitarian way since it involves a lot of sensitive issues, feelings, and personal relations especially when kids are involved.

Labor Law
Our Team has a strong background in this field coming from many years of
experience in the industry to advice on employment issues both employers and
Our Team has large experience of employment law in Cyprus, with an excellent reputation and track record for high quality, sound legal and practical advice. Our client base consists of employees and employers, including domestic and multinational businesses and organizations and the diplomatic missions of overseas countries to Cyprus. We have long, in-depth experience in providing legal advice and assistance with the full range of employment-related topics, including drafting contracts and other documentation, dispute resolution, provident fund registration and liaising and negotiating with government bodies, trade unions and the like.
The services we offer include:
  • advice on employment issues
  • terms and conditions of employment
  • employer and employee rights and obligations
  • calculations and advise on salaries structure, payrolls, social insurance contributions, gesy contributions and income tax
  • grievance procedures
  • termination of employment
  • transfer of undertakings and protection of employees
  • information and consultation
  • relocation of employees
  • employee representation
  • social insurance contributions
  • statutory benefits
  • provident funds (including registration)
  • discrimination at work
  • employee share option plans
  • health and safety at work
  • collective agreements
  • employment agencies
Drafting of employment related documents
  • offer letters
  • employment contracts
  • management contracts
  • confidentiality agreements
  • termination letters
  • information letters
  • termination agreements
  • deeds of release
  • employee handbooks
  • employer policies
  • provident fund documentation
Support and liaising with authorities and employee representatives
  • Ministry of Labour and social insurance offices
  • employers’ associations
  • trade unions
  • works councils
  • Registrar of Provident Funds
Employment dispute resolution and representation
  • Employment dispute resolution and representation
  • negotiations with trade unions
  • mediation conducted by the Ministry of Labour
  • litigation in the Industrial Disputes Court or the district courts
Administrative Law

Our Team has dealt with and earned invaluable experience over the years in dealing with cases before the newly formed Administrative Court and before the establishment of this Court at the Supreme Court.

EU Law & Competition Law

Our team has experience in EU law and competition law with an established record of successfully dealing with complex national and transnational projects and providing timely, relevant advice to clients. Our team assists with all our clients needs, including aspects of harmonization of Cyprus laws with the EU acquis communautaire, advising on concentrations and anti-trust matters, or assisting in securing grants from EU social, cohesion or structural funds. Through the constant monitoring of developments in EU law and competition law at the national and Community levels, we are in a position to offer advice and services in the following areas:

  • European business grant schemes
  • European Territorial Cooperation Programmes
  • EU funding programmes and submission of project ideas related to research and innovation
  • Proposal writing and project management
  • Rationale and flagship initiatives of Europe 2020
  • Coordination, design and analysis of the development strategy for the establishment of national programming documents of the EU
  • Assisting with the implementation of the institutional framework of the EU into national law
  • Monitoring and advising on the harmonization of EU law into national law
  • Preparing, drafting and filing notifications of proposed concentrations of major importance with the Cyprus Commission for the Protection of Competition in order to secure the requisite approvals, and representing clients before the Commission and any other relevant bodies, including the Supreme Court of Cyprus
  • Dealing with complaints regarding anti-trust behaviour and representing clients before the Cyprus Commission for the Protection of Competition and any other relevant bodies, including the Supreme Court of Cyprus
  • Advising on merger control matters, on issues concerning potential abuse of dominant market positions and other restrictive practices, and regulatory and trade issues
  • Reviewing and advising on horizontal or vertical commercial agreements
  • Representing litigants in related damages claims

Affiliated Companies

– Our Migration – Immigration Services Affiliate Company.

FF Feedserve Limassol LTD – Our Corporate Services Affiliate Company

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